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Cloud Computing case study

VieConnect – SECCO

VieConnect is an innovative company whose mission is to develop intelligent solutions to enhance life quality of elderly and dependant people.

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About the customer

VieConnect is developing innovative SaaS products to improve the quality of life of dependent people while assisting caregivers in their daily work.

VieConnect’s SECCO solution is a cloud-native ecosystem developed and running almost entirely on AWS.


SECCO, the suite of products focusing on incontinence, includes a connected sensor and a proprietary algorithm which detects saturation of absorbent briefs and abnormal body temperature and sends alerts and notifications to caregivers for timely care.

The SECCO system uses web and mobile applications that offer an effective management tool to nursing homes and hospitals.

About the project

ARHS Spikeseed was requested to design the architecture of SECCO as a cloud-native application running on AWS. This architecture had to follow key principles: scalability, cost efficient, minimum operations and ready for future developments.

ARHS Spikeseed and the VieConnect technical team collaborated to design and implement this solution following all these principles.

ARHS Spikeseed was requested to:
  • 01. Design and implement the Serverless architecture on AWS

  • 02. Design (UX/UI) and implement the Web and Mobile app

  • 03. Establish guidelines and good practices using the AWS cloud

  • 04. Define and implement a CI/CD strategy

  • 05. Train the customer’s technical team

  • 06. Hand-over and support the customer’s technical team

Project Solution

ARHS Spikeseed designed and implemented the first version of VieConnect SECCO, following state-of-the-art solutions and best practices, namely:

  • 01.

    Serverless Framework, AWS Lambda, and Amazon API Gateway as the serverless architecture

  • 02.

    AWS Amplify to structure and accelerate Mobile and Web applications

  • 03.

    AWS IAM for technical team member authentication

  • 04.

    Amazon Route 53 for the domain management

  • 05.

    Amazon DynamoDB for the database layer

  • 06.

    Amazon CloudWatch as monitoring solution

  • 07.

    Amazon Simple Storage Service for storing files and hosting the Web application

  • 08.

    Amazon CloudFront as content delivery network (CDN) in front of Amazon Simple Storage Service for serving files and the Web application

  • 09.

    Amazon Kinesis Data Streams as a streaming solution to support our data-processing

  • 10.

    Amazon Simple Notification Service for pushing mobile notifications

  • 11.

    Amazon Simple Email Service for sending customized emails

  • 12.

    Amazon Cognito as end-user identity management system

  • 13.

    AWS Step Functions to coordinate parallel executions and execution workflows

Project Results

  • 01.

    Implementation of the applications

  • 02.

    Cost optimization

  • 03.

    Deployment automation

  • 04.

    Deployment in various environments

  • 05.

    Applications launched in production

  • 06.

    Customer’s technical team trained to AWS and the developed system

What the customer says...

Our partnership with Arhs Spikeseed has enabled a rapid development of our SECCO solution and a first commercial product release in Europe Dimitri Tintikakis, President and Co-Founder of VieConnect SAS