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Cloud Computing case study


Arηs Spikeseed provides Managed Services for Tribu News environments made of their core business systems within the AWS Cloud.

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About the customer

Founded in 2016, Tribu News, is a Brussels Based Start-up offering family newspapers full of photos and stories aimed at providing grandparents with a monthly news of their families. Funny moments, trips, news of family members abroad, etc. The mission of Tribu News is to reconnect grandparents with their families through the media that accompanied them their whole life, a newspaper.


The challenge

As a start-up, Tribu News’ main focus is to develop a product to answer a need, validating the idea by conquering market shares. In the midst of this race, orchestrating a sound IT environment developed in the cloud is no easy task. Even with the inherent scalability offered by the cloud, handling peak demands from families who wait for the last day of the month to upload their pictures and stories requires reinforcements. This is why Tribu News called on Arhs Spikeseed.

The project

ARHS Spikeseed supports Tribu News by providing the following services:

  • Incident Management

    Through constant monitoring and top-notch support, incidents are dealt with in a timely manner.

  • Change Management

    All systems need to evolve. Our team is accustomed to deal with complex changes, and it leverages its expertise to find suitable paths to completion with minimum disruptions to the services.

  • General Guidance

    Thanks to our versatile and experienced team, we support our customer on any technical question they may have. From early development to full production operations, we got you covered.

Project Solution

We rely on advanced tools to deliver Managed Services to Tribu News:

  • Amazon CloudWatch for monitoring and alerting
  • Atlassian OPsGenie for dispatching alerts to on-call members of our team
  • Atlassian Jira Service Management as ITSM to provide a professional interface with our clients
  • Phone support for urgent matters

Success factors

ARHS Spikeseed acts a one-stop shop for start-ups. Indeed, the wide range of expertises represented by our experts help answer most IT needs from a start-up. In this particular case, the project successfully reached a steady environment where our team manages incidents efficiently, which provides Tribu News with the peace of mind they expect from Arhs Spikeseed.

What the customer says...

ARHS continuously and effectively supports us to improve our infrastructure while giving us peace of mind by monitoring our application at the most critical times. Samuel Marin – Tech lead @ Tribunews