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Cloud Computing case study


Arηs Spikeseed performs a Well-Architected Review, optimises costs and provides AWS support.

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About the customer

Founded in 2016, Tribu News, is a Brussels Based Start-up offering family newspapers full of photos and stories aimed at providing grandparents with a monthly news of their families. Funny moments, trips, news of family members abroad, etc. The mission of Tribu News is to reconnect grandparents with their families through the media that accompanied them their whole life, a newspaper.


The challenge

As a start-up, Tribu News’ main focus is to develop a product to answer a need, validating the idea by conquering market shares. In the midst of this race, orchestrating a sound IT environment developed in the cloud is no easy task. Even with the inherent scalability offered by the cloud, handling peak demands from families who wait for the last day of the month to upload their pictures and stories requires reinforcements. This is why Tribu News called on Arhs Spikeseed.

The project

ARHS Spikeseed delivered several improvements over the course of the project:

  • Conducted a Well-Architected Review following the AWS Well-Architected Framework
  • Created CloudFormation templates to automate the deployment of the application
  • Reduced AWS costs while maintaining optimal performances
  • Implemented a scheduler to shutdown EC2 instances during off hours and restart them automatically to save on cost
  • Migrated the web servers from Apache to Nginx
  • Centralised application logs to CloudWatch logs
  • Hosted static web site on AWS Amplify with automatic deployment pipeline
  • Consultancy and guidance on serverless technology used to generate thumbnails

Project Solution

  • AWS CloudWatch to centralize application logs
  • AWS Amplify with automatic deployments
  • Standard AMIs
  • Infrastructure-as-Code via CloudFormation

Success factors

ARHS Spikeseed acts a one-stop shop for start-ups. Indeed, the wide range of expertises represented by our experts help answer most IT needs from a start-up. In this particular case, the project successfully reached the targeted AWS cost reduction by following ARHS Spikeseed’s recommendations from the Well-Architected Review. In addition, ARHS Spikeseed provided invaluable guidance to streamline processes by automating the deployment of the application, leaving more time for the developers to focus on the core business of Tribu News.

What the customer says...

Spikeseed has helped us create a professional infrastructure, while helping us reduce the costs involved. They also allowed us to have better control over the use of our infrastructure resources. They advise us and also assist us in the implementation of new optimization solutions. Samuel Marin – Tech lead @ Tribunews