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Cloud Computing case study

TCM Group - Cost optimisation

Arηs Spikeseed performs a analysis of TCM AWS costs structure and optimises them... a lot!

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About the customer

TCM is a Debt Collection agency created in 1993. Their mission is to collect consumer and commercial claims for all types of services and industries, in Belgium and +100 countries in a socially responsible way.


The challenge

TCM has been hosting its IT environment on AWS using EC2 instances and RDS. Over the years their consumption has stabilized, so has their running cost. From a discussion with TCM, Arηs Spikeseed identified that no exercise for Cost Optimization had been performed. Arηs Spikeseed therefore proposed to scrutinize the environment and run a cost optimization.

The project

Arηs Spikeseed delivered several improvements over the course of the project:

  • Conducted a Cost Optimization Review following the Cost Optimization pillar of the Well-Architected Framework
  • Implemented Savings Plans for EC2 instances
  • Reserved RDS instances to cover current usage
  • Reduced AWS costs while maintaining optimal performances

Success factors

Arηs Spikeseed extensive experience in working with Cloud environments led to develop the service for Well Architected Reviews (WAR) for AWS. Initially proposed to TCM, the scope of the WAR extended beyond TCM’s need. Arηs Spikeseed therefore narrowed its focus to one of the five pillars of the WAR, the Cost-Optimization, to offer a bespoke service. The tailored approach as well as smooth execution and substantial savings on the AWS bill made Arηs Spikeseed’s intervention a success for TCM.

What the customer says...

I am grateful Arηs Spikeseed contacted me to have a chat about our AWS environment. They swiftly identified that I was yet to benefit from AWS saving plans. As a result, their short intervention helped me save 58% of the cost of operating my IT environment on AWS. Etienne van der Vaeren – CEO TCM Belgium