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Cloud Computing case study

SEQVOIA - Automate everything

ARHS Spikeseed implements an automate-everything approach where from an empty AWS account the complete solution of Seqvoia, from insfrastructure to application, is deployed.

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About the customer

Seqvoia is a Fintech company, helping asset managers to produce & distribute fund documentation effortlessly, serving the financial industry with two key solutions revolving around data and reporting.


Seqvoia’s Zinniat is a data management solution that jumpstarts an organisation’s path to digitalisation and supports it in the many challenges related to information, including access, distribution, and evolution.

Their reporting solution is an expert system focused on the production of regulatory and marketing reports. From data templates like EMTs and EPTs, through prospectuses and factsheets, to PRIIPs KIDs and more, fund▪D centralises key content and data, and seamlessly enforces consistency across all your disclosure channels.

With data bridged across the two solutions, Zinniat and fund▪D systematically answer the challenge of managing critical information and controlling its flow to the outside world.

About the project

Seqvoia uses AWS to run its systems. Currently, deployment of the systems is done manually by configuring services in the AWS Console. The goal of the project was to automate the deployment of an AWS environment by using AWS CloudFormation so that the environment could be replicated automatically to other AWS accounts.

Project Solution

The solution designed and implemented to implement the Infrastructure-as-Code approach is of made:

  • 01.

    Creation of AWS CloudFormation templates and automation of the deployment process

  • 02.

    Ansible to configure and orchestrate the deployment of the infrastructure

  • 03.

    ytt to dynamically set up Kubernetes manifests during the deployment

  • 04.

    kapp to deploy and update Kubernetes resources

  • 05.

    Docker to easily run deployments

  • 06.

    Knowledge transfer from Spikeseed to Seqvoia team throughout the project

Project Results

  • 01.

    The Cloud Formation templates are ready to replicate the environment “on demand”

  • 02.

    Spikeseed provides continuous assistance out of its “on demand assistance” service centre

What the customer says...

A real partnership with a shared objective and not just a consulting mission, this is what best summarizes our journey with ARHS Spikeseed. We have worked with not only very competent but also reliable and available people. This reassures and leads to a very satisfactory result. Highly recommended! … Vincent Caurier, Technical Project Manager