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Cloud Computing case study


Arηs Spikeseed helps Oncomfort to migrate their existing infrastructure to the AWS Cloud.

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About the customer

Founded in 2017, Oncomfort Digital Sedation™ is a completely new method for relieving patients’ pain and anxiety before, during and after medical procedures. This digital therapy combines clinical hypnotherapy and integrative therapeutic techniques through Virtual Reality.


The challenge

As a start-up, Oncomfort primary focus is to create and develop a product providing cutting-edge Digital Sedation. In the midst of this race, the need to rely on an infrastructure which can sustain the growth of Oncomfort became more and more important. The cloud is the answer, but migrating the existing workload is no easy task. This is why Oncomfort choose Arηs Spikeseed as their cloud partner for this crucial mission.

The project

ARHS Spikeseed supports Oncomfort by providing the following services:

  • Cloud Migration

    Arηs Spikeseed Cloud Experts helped Oncomfort to migrate their existing software and infrastructure to the cloud, by following-up the project from the design phase to the production go-live.

  • Software Development

    Thanks to Arηs Spikeseed Software Development expertise, the existing software was smoothly adapted to the cloud paradigm, delivering optimized performance and capabilities.

Project Solution

Oncomfort requested support on two different axes: 1) migration of the current infrastructure to the cloud and 2) development and optimization of the current mobile application.

  • Migration to the cloud: A pre-configured AMI was built and deployed on AWS EC2 instances. The entire infrastructure deployment has been automated following AWS best practices. Arηs Spikeseed Cloud Experts followed the project and ensured a smooth transition between the old and the new infrastructure.

    • 01.

      Assets are cached and distributed with Amazon Cloudfront

    • 02.

      AMI are built with Packer

    • 03.

      Infrastructure is automated with AWS CloudFormation templates and deployed with Ansible

    • 04.

      CI/CD process is handled by GitHub Actions

    • 05.

      Users and AWS Accounts Management have been simplified by leveraging AWS Single Sign On

    • 06.

      High performance and scalability is achieved thanks to AWS Auto Scaling Group and Elastic Load Balancers

  • Mobile development: Arηs Spikeseed Mobile Experts joined the development team and helped to optimize the existing application, and develop new features. They also advised on future developments ensuring the governance of the entire project.

Project Results

  1. The entire solution provided is fully-automated from the image creation to the base infrastructure
  2. All assets have been fully migrated to the cloud
  3. The mobile application has been optimized and new features have been implemented

Success factors

Arηs Spikeseed acts as a one-stop shop for start-ups and companies: the wide range of expertise provided helps to answer most of the IT needs. In this particular case, the project successfully leveraged numerous benefits from the cloud, in a qualitative and timely manner.

What the customer says...

Arηs Spikeseed engineers are always at the top of their game, always offer the best solution and are committed as if they were part of our own team Arnaud Charlier – Chief Technical Officer at Oncomfort