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Cloud Computing case study


Arhs Spikeseed is helping to create a rapidly deployable SaaS infrastructure for its regulated financial industry clients. The solution will allow new clients to quickly get started with a complete SaaS based implementation on a dedicated AWS account.

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About the customer is the low-code process management platform for regulated companies that provides smart automated solutions for client lifecycle management, corporate governance, risk management, compliance and other digital operations. The platform connects data across the organization, links the data to the underlying documentation and enables collaboration through structured workflows. facilitates the digitalisation of management tasks for financial sector players in order to achieve sustainable business success.

It enables financial institutions to combine the seemingly impossible tasks of regulatory compliance, transparency and cost savings.’s cutting edge data aggregation, process automation and analytics technology simplifies and automates regulatory processes and puts real-time business intelligence at their client’s fingertips, wherever and whenever needed.

Their ready-to-go solutions for fund depositaries, management companies, fund administrators, transfer agencies and other regulated companies, combined with their new CRM solution, are emerging as an industry standard.

About the project is looking to deploy their applications in the cloud to provide a SaaS offering for their end customers.

Moreover, has a strong need to onboard new customers in a short period of time, meaning that the spawn of a customer tenant must be automated as much as possible.

To ease the automation, the application is baked in several Docker containers, relying on a shared file system and a PostgreSQL database.

Arηs Spikeseed proposes to host and operate the software on Amazon Web Services (AWS) leveraging multiple managed services.

Project Solution

The solution designed and implemented to deploy the SaaSification approach is made of:

  • 01.

    Creation of Infrastructure-as-Code Terraform templates to automate the infrastructure deployment and replication process

  • 02.

    AWS EKS to deploy secure Kubernetes clusters on AWS avoiding manually installing Kubernetes on EC2 compute instances while benefiting from AWS built-in infrastructure such as VPC, Load Balancing, Auto Scaling Group, NAT Gateways, etc

  • 03.

    AWS WAF to protect front facing components, exposed to various malicious attacks (DDoS, exploits, …)

  • 04.

    AWS ECR to upload artifacts and trigger the execution of the CI/CD pipeline thereby implementing a container rolling update deployment strategy

  • 05.

    Docker to easily run deployments

  • 06.

    Knowledge transfer from Spikeseed to team throughout the project

Project Results

  • 01.

    The Terraform templates are ready to replicate the environment “on demand”

  • 02.

    Spikeseed provides continuous assistance out of its “on demand assistance” service center

What the customer says...

Our financial industry clients have very high requirements on security and reliability but are also under pressure to deal with regulatory concerns fast. To be able to offer our clients with a highly secure and flexible SaaS solution we needed an infrastructure partner with in-depth knowledge of how to achieve that on AWS, combined with a hands-on mentality. Arhs offers us the exact combination of flexibility, expertise and PSF certified operations we and our clients need. Arhs has helped us implement the best possible hosting infrastructure for our regulated clients and continues to be a valued partner in refining our hosting and infrastructure strategy. Rob Boerman, CTO