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Cloud Computing case study

Fleetback - 360°

Fleetback provides digital solutions for car dealerships to increase customers' satisfaction, save time and increase sales.

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About the customer

Fleetback is developing innovative SaaS products for the automotive industry for car dealerships sales and after sales services.


Fleetback helps car dealerships in their digital transformation journey by developing high business value product with a strong focus on quality and user experience. This application aims to connect car dealers with their customers via the use of videos and photos.

The Fleetback platform is made of mobile, web and SmartTV applications for the Sales and After Sales departments of car dealerships.

About the project

Fleetback is a cloud-native suite of products running on AWS. It was thus natural to develop and deploy their next Machine Learning products on AWS.

ARHS Spikeseed Machine Learning team was requested to implement a 360° car view generator out of a raw video captured with a smartphone by a user walking around the car. To achieve this, we designed and implemented a video processor that automatically cares to:

  • 01. Detect the car positioning in each frame with a machine learning model

  • 02. Postprocess the frames in order to further stabilize the video

  • 03. Smooth the 360° navigation (using motion interpolation) across the frames

Project Solution

ARHS Spikeseed designed and implemented for Fleetback the best 360° generator at the best running cost, following state-of-the-art solutions and best practices, namely:

  • 01.

    Serverless Framework and AWS Lambda as the serverless architecture

  • 02.

    Amazon DynamoDB for the database layer

  • 03.

    Amazon Simple Storage Service for storing input videos and for serving 360° views

  • 04.

    Amazon Rekognition for detecting cars in video frames

  • 05.

    AWS Step Functions to coordinate parallel executions and execution workflows

Project Results

  • 01.

    TCO analysis and optimization

  • 02.

    Implementation of the system

  • 03.

    Deployment automation

  • 04.

    Deployment in various environments

  • 05.

    API available in preview

What the customer says...

Today, when it comes to 360° photos rendering at low cost, we’re far ahead our competitors thanks to ARHS Spikeseed. Their Cloud and machine learning team demonstrated very high competences in understanding our requirements, and transforming them into a cloud service that we can operate on our own. They managed to deliver a product of quality, while coping with technical, budget and timing constraints. For all these reasons, I would definitely recommend ARHS Spikeseed. François Gengler, Technical Director