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Cloud Computing case study


In light of the continuous improvements of Alpega Group, Arηs Spikeseed has designed and implemented user federations and monitoring of the Cloud Infrastructure.

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About the customer

Alpega Group is a leading global logistics software company with over 35 years of experience in transportation, offering modular solutions that cover all transportation and logistics complexity needs.

Alpega Group

By bringing together the best solutions and market expertise, the Alpega Group has created the transportation industry’s only scalable end-to-end software suite.All of Alpega’s solutions combine to create added value for customers. Their community of 80,000 carriers and 200,000 members are electronically connected every day to successfully manage critical transport processes.

Alpega is present in 80 countries worldwide and employs over 600 people with 31 different nationalities.

About the project

Arηs Spikeseed was asked to design and implement a user federation system and set up monitoring for existing cloud infrastructure and services. Alpega Group has multiple applications running on AWS. The user federation had to follow AWS best practices and has been designed based on AWS Landing Zone principles.

Arηs Spikeseed and the Alpega Group’s technical teams collaborated to design and implement a solution that followed all of these principles while being smoothly integrated in existing infrastructure.

Arηs Spikeseed was asked to:
  • 01. Integrate a monitoring system with AWS CloudWatch Metrics

  • 02. Design and implement the user federation system

  • 03. Establish guidelines and good practices using the AWS cloud

  • 04. Manage the transition of the AWS account to the AWS Organization

  • 05. Review and change permissions to use the federation system

  • 06. Train the customer’s technical team

  • 07. Hand-over and support the customer’s technical team

Project Solution

Arηs Spikeseed designed and implemented the account federation system and monitoring integration of the Alpega Group infrastructure, following state-of-the-art solutions and best practices, namely:

  • 01.

    AWS Organizations to structure the accounts and consolidate billing

  • 02.

    AWS IAM for cross-account role and permission management

  • 03.

    AWS Single Sign-On user federation integration

  • 04.

    Datadog integration together with Amazon CloudWatch and Amazon CloudTrail as monitoring solutions

  • 05.

    Amazon Simple Notification Service for pushing Slack notifications

Project Results

  • 01.

    Implementation of the IaC solution

  • 02.

    Deployment of Identity Federation

  • 03.

    Deployment of monitoring resources

  • 04.

    Deployment in various environments

  • 05.

    Deployment automation

  • 06.

    Customer’s technical team trained in AWS and the developed system

What the customer says...

“While our infrastructure environment and user’s base were constantly growing, the need to have a centralized monitoring solution together with a clean and effective way to control our AWS users accounts and permission was getting critical. Together with ARHS Spikeseed’s expertise and skills, we were able to properly improve our means of monitoring over our different environments and handle a smooth transition of all our AWS users to a new login and security process. Those two aspects are now pretty well clear and ready to keep growing and evolving while keeping a proper quality and control over the security aspects.” Benoit Olbrechts, Head of Software & Infrastructure at Alpega